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JUSTUS Media is searching for independant freelance journalist whom will contribute to JUSTUS Media's many multi-media facets.

We are looking for real investigative journalist whom share an opinion and view separate from custom and main stream thought.

Write about war, entertainment or gadgets, just keep it fresh ! ! ! ! !


To submit content there are some restrictions which need to be met.


In brief, our agreement is simple, the content which you send us is used on a variety of online outlets, some is archived, some is not, find out why. We do not claim ownership of the content which you send us, but by sending us any content you are agreeing to allow permission for use of your content on any of our publications but also to use with in affiliated partners.


Check the calendar to meet submission and publication dates. You can also find our current events!

E-mail: contribute@justusmediastaff.com

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